About GS

Giovanni Savino is a postdoctoral Marie Curie research fellow (IOF) working for the project "Autonomous Braking for Motorcycles" (ABRAM). After two years at the Monash University Accident Reseach Centre, Australia, he is now back at the University of Florence, Italy.

Giovanni received his Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florence in April 2006 with a thesis titled "Development of a Demonstrator of an Adaptive Lighting System for Powered Two Wheelers".
From 2006 to 2012 he collaborated with Ducati Motor Holding at the Fisica in Moto project.
In January 2007 he started working as a researcher at the Centre for Innovation and Safety of Powered-two-wheelers (CISAP), University of Florence, Italy.
In March 2010 he achieved his PhD with a thesis titled "Development of the Autonomous Braking for Powered Two Wheeler Application."
Giovanni was involved in a number of International research collaborations and in particular EC funded projects PISa and Saferider.
His main research interests are the development and validation of motorcycle safety technologies.