Friday, 30 August 2013

Background of MAEB - First motorcycle equipped with autonomous emergency braking ever built

The first autonomous emergency braking system for motorcycles (MAEB) was created in 2008 by the PISa project (acronym standing for Powered two wheeler Integrated Safety).

The idea to study such a safety system came when the team of researchers and engineers involved in PISa analysed the state of the art of road crash investigation in Europe and around the globe, finding that an autonomous braking of the motorcycle may have positively affected a large proportion of the past crashes involving powered two wheeler riders, including severe and fatal cases.

The embedded prototype system integrated sensors, a small laser scanner detecting the obstacles in the path, several interfaces with the rider including a vibrating saddle and an haptic throttle, the automatic braking device and an electronic control unit.

The system was extensively tested in 2009 in the test track of the TRL involving a team of professional riders. Those initial tests focused on basic crash configurations with static and moving obstacles.

Test vehicle of PISa equipped with MAEB prototype system
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