Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Short notice about the BMD2013

In these days - from 10th to 13th November 2013 - the Bicycle and Motorcycle Dynamics conference (BMD2013) is taking place in Narashino, Japan.

The international committee of this conference is outstanding, including Cossalter, Pacejka, Savaresi, Schwab and Watanabe among others.

This is a shortlist of the presentations:
  • The Motorcycle Chatter (Massaro et al.)
  • Present and Future of Active and Semi-Active Systems for Electronic Stability Control of Tilting Vehicles (keynote, Savaresi)
  • What is the Relation Between Bicycle Dynamics and Safety in the Real World? (Dozza)
  • Measuring Tire Forces and Moments of Motorcycles (Kishi)
  • Active Tilt Control of a Narrow Tilting Vehicle via Torque Vectoring (Corno et al.)
  • Construction of Motorcycle Riding Simulator for Two-wheeled Vehicle with Stereoscopic Vision (Yoshida et al.)
  • Dynamics and Control of a Steer-by-Wire Bycicle (Schwab et al.)
Website of the BMD2013

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