Monday, 26 January 2015

Potential benefits of MAEB in real-world motorcycle crashes

ABRAM project will perform a new evaluation of the potential benefits of motorcycle autonomous emergency braking (MAEB) using Australian real-world crashes.

For this study, the latest and most elaborate triggering algorithms for MAEB will be tested. This version of MAEB addresses all sorts of motorcycle-to-car crashes including nasty DCA 121 configuration.
DCA 121 - Definition for Classifying Accidents, VicRoads

ABRAM will use in-depth crash investigation data to estimate the applicability of MAEB and the impact speed reduction that MAEB would have produced in real-world motorcycle crashes. In this study, typical uncertainties of crash reconstructions will be addressed adopting a statistical approach.

Example of DCA 121 (credits: InSAFE - University of Florence)

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