Monday, 3 November 2014

Should autonomous emergency braking become mandatory on motorcycles?

At this stage, I cannot make recommendations about a future introduction of MAEB on the market.

But a controversial statement was reported in an interesting article about autonomous emergency braking for motorcycles (also known as MAEB). We read that:
"A MELBOURNE university doctor has called for automatic emergency braking technology to become compulsory on motorcycles as figures show riders continue to be over-represented in fatal crashes."

I was contacted by the journalist Joshua Dowling who interviewed me over the phone on 13th October 2014. This interview was done in the occasion of the presentation of one of my recent studies about the effectiveness of autonomous emergency braking for motorcycle at the AAAM annual meeting (link to the paper).

I must clarify that I did not say "autonomous emergency braking should become compulsory on motorcycles". This safety functionality is promising, and that is why I believe it should be further investigated. However, its potential effectiveness in terms of crash injury reduction for riders is currently unclear.

I have expressed my opinion about MAEB also in a recent radio interview by Red Symons on ABC Melbourne.

[last update: 10 November 2014]

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