Thursday, 26 February 2015

ABRAM WP4 motorcycle riding simulator

Another video of the ABRAM simulator in action during the validation tests.

In these tests, a small group of experienced riders were asked to perform simple control tasks. 

At the end of the runs, the riders were asked to provide their subjective evaluations using Cooper Harper handling scale and Likert scales, and to provide a short narrative of their experience.

The initial results indicate that the subjective perception of the riders was generally positive or neutral with respect of the simple steer mechanism adopted. At the same time, this steer mechanism was able to provide realistic inputs, as shown in a comparison with simulations in Bikesim.

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  1. Interesting. the length of crash free experience would have been a useful aspect, as instinctive behaviours in braking, weaving and indeed acceleration in various relevant circumstances are enhanced over time..I found this set of interactions a major hindrance when driving a snowmobile in Svalbard in march.. all the 60 year of crash free road riding well honed instincts worked against me and it took a couple of hours to overcome them and adapt to the totally different responses available on what appeared to be a modified motorcycle...these links between lean angle, avoidance, braking and indeed acceleration as responses to threats need a lot more similar work. Its good to see it being addressed. Pity you were not in Florence when we were there for a week in April, a detailed discussion could possibly have been a small contribution.