Friday, 4 March 2016

Can we observe realistic emergency manoeuvres in a riding simulator?

Can we induce realistic emergency reactions in a motorcycle simulator?
In a new experiment conducted at the Driving Simulator facilities of the Monash University Accident Research Centre, 15 riders had to face an unexpected imminent collision scenario while simulating a relaxing ride in the countryside. The group of riders included commuters, recreational riders, and professional riders such as trainers and Police riders.

Where they able to react properly or did they panic? Or rather: was the motorcycole simulator developed for the ABRAM project able to induce realistic reactions?

The results of this experiment will be crucial to determine whether tests with a simple and reproducible simulator such as the ABRAM simulator can be used to learn more about typical riders' reactions when facing inevitable collision situations. Additional knowledge in this field is fundamental to inform the design of last resort safety systems such as MAEB. In particular, MAEB activation should be designed to deal with any situation: the system should not interfere with a collision avoidance attempted by the rider, nor exacerbate the risks of severe crash outcomes in case of a panic reaction of the rider.

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